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Ofelia Salazar Bio

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Ofelia Salazar
Ofelia Salazar Bio

Ofelia Salazar is a hardworking professional with immigrant parents. She is protective of her parents, believing they do not understand many of the harsher realities of living in the U.S. She is quick-witted, devoted and always ready to stand up for what she believes in. When faced with the apocalypse, Ofelia clashes with her father’s opinions on the best course of action - identities are about to shift.

  • Character Name: Ofelia Salazar
  • Portrayed By: Mercedes Mason
  • Created By: Richard Kirkman
  • Alias: Ofelia
  • Age/Gender: 20's / Female
  • Nationality: Salvadorian-American
  • Production: 2015 TV Series Fear the Walking Dead
  • Frist Appearance: So Close, Yet So Far
  • Last Appearance: Still Active

More About Mercedes Mason

Mercedes Mason’s recent television credits include a major arc in the final season of Showtime’s Californication and a starring role in the AMC pilot White City. She also starred in ABC’s 666 Park Ave. with Emmy® Award winner Terry O'Quinn and Emmy-nominated Vanessa Williams. Mason also appeared in critically acclaimed shows such as Entourage, The Closer and Traffic Light, as well as recurring in the fan favorite Chuck. She was also the lead female in FOX's Bones spin-off The Finder opposite Oscar®-nominated Michael Clarke Duncan.

More About Fear the Walking Dead

Living in the same universe as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead is a gritty drama that explores the onset of the undead apocalypse through the lens of a fractured family. Set in a city where people come to escape, shield secrets, and bury their pasts, a mysterious outbreak threatens to disrupt what little stability high school guidance counselor Madison Clark and English teacher Travis Manawa have managed to assemble. The everyday pressure of blending two families while dealing with resentful, escapist, and strung out children takes a back seat when society begins to break down. A forced evolution, a necessary survival of the fittest takes hold, and our dysfunctional family must either reinvent themselves or embrace their darker histories.

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Ofelia Salazar

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