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Swedish Actress Mercedes Mason

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Swedish actress Mercedes Mason’s television credits include AMC White City, The Law, NCIS, CSI: NY and Three Rivers as Vanessa. Mason also appeared in critically acclaimed shows such as Entourage, The Closer and Traffic Light. In 2011, she landed the role of Zondra in Chuck. She was cast to play Isabel Zambada on The Finder and Louise Leonard on 666 Park Avenue. She is now part of the cast of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.[1]

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In an interview with comicbook.com back in August of 2015, Mercedes Mason had this to say about her charachter, Ofelia Salazar from Fear the Walking Dead.[2]


Right! So, we weren't hired yet when they shot the pilot. We come in, my family comes in episode two. It's pretty much the family needing to escape when things start going haywire. It's obviously the end of the world but we think it's like a flu virus. The cool thing about the show is that the audience is far more well informed than our characters, so the audience knows exactly where we're headed. It becomes very... that proverbial, "Don't open that door!" kind of thing. Ofelia's father owns a barber shop where our family takes refuge. That's sort of how our families come together. Ofelia is the only child of those parents.

As protective of them as she is, she's very naive. She's very much a daddy's girl and you'll see, even in what I'm wearing, it's like a little dress. She's very young maturity wise I think. As things start falling apart and we start to realize that this thing is not going to blow over, this is really more dire than any of us anticipated. Ofelia is forced to grow up very quickly because the weak ones, when the world falls apart, are the first ones to pass - or to die, I should say.

So, Ofelia really has to find strength within herself. As that starts happening, she also starts to find things out about her parents, things that they may have lied to her about, so she's really at odds with herself. She kind of has to go back to square one and figure everything out for herself because everything she's known up to that point has been a lie. I can't give you too many more details than that but you'll see - it starts to come out about episode five, I think.


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Ofelia Salazar is a hardworking professional with immigrant parents. She is protective of her parents, believing they do not understand many of the harsher realities of living in the U.S. She is quick-witted, devoted and always ready to stand up for what she believes in. When faced with the apocalypse, Ofelia clashes with her father’s opinions on the best course of action - identities are about to shift.[1]




  • Character Name: Ofelia Salazar
  • Portrayed By: Mercedes Mason
  • Created By: Richard Kirkman
  • Alias: Ofelia
  • Age/Gender: 20's / Female
  • Nationality: Salvadorian-American

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